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Hello lovelies,

It's mid October, hello captain obvious, I know I know. I would be lying to you if I said I wasn't dreading writing this blogpost. I have been trying to write it for moths, and I kept changing the months from July, to August and now we've made it to October. But I really miss writing, it's the one thing that I have been missing in my transition through the summer, where I felt like I lost myself a little, but I can't write without putting this post up first.

If you follow me on instagram, you will know the whirlwind of emotions that have come over me this summer, I have moved away to live abroad aka onto a boat, spending majority of my time on anchor in France, with a 9pm curfew. I guess it doesn't sound too bad, seeing as it nationwide now. So if you didn't know, when you see celebs on super yachts, we're the people that look after. Apart from we swap out celebrities for families. Think of it as a skii season, but on a boat! A glorified slave really.

Although this journey started on the 5th of June, I didn't realise how it will change me or change what I want in such a short and drastic period of time. I have felt all the highs, feeling the best I've ever felt, all the lows, feeling like I lost a part of myself, which really is a big one. When you're laying down in bed and you realise that you're not you. It's kind of scary too, will I stay like this forever? Have I grown up into this? Or do I just need to snap out of it? 

Quite early on in my journey my boyfriend and I decided to breakup too, I'm happy to answer any questions, which you probably will not have because he wasn't a big presence in my social media.

The worst bit is trying to explain the 'why' to others, especially the parents who are head over heels for your other half, feels like more hearts were broken in the process than intended.

It's not all doom and gloom though. I'm currently in Spain, the sun shines, and I have all the tools I need to build myself and shape myself into who I want to be. Sometimes we get lost within other people and trying so hard to keep up. For me, I want to slow down, I want to look after myself, nourish myself with good information, positivity, self-care. Once you take time to look at yourself, build yourself and treat yourself as a friend, things just end up aligning. So here's to aligning with yourself. 

It’s true what they say, good things come in small packages. I think we can all agree that jewellery can make or break an outfit, most often you can’t go wrong with a cute little necklace or a ring. You can wear the simplest outfit and pass it up with some gorgeous jewellery. I always loved that boho aesthetic you see all over Pinterest, especially those images with a hand full of boho rings, it always gets a pin from me! So let me introduce you to Moon Zest Jewellery, an independent handmade Boho Jewellery on Etsy. 

The boho silver is handcrafted by Pauline in London, on her Etsy shop you can find something for everyone, from whimsical pendants, to simple and minimal pieces, there really is something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a unique gift or just to treat yourself!

Easily accessible via the inter web, it makes for a perfect and convenient gift for friends, family, girlfriends and brighten someones day up, especially in times of isolation and missed birthdays and celebrations. And hey, you’re also supporting a small business, which is so important especially in the time of lockdown and isolation; which makes it all the more reason to buy from people who sell on platforms such as Etsy! 

I have captured images of the boho silverware to give you a little bit of an insight what Moon Zest Jewellery are about. I mean, who doesn’t love a cute choker or a chunky ring?! I always try and get my hands on things like this at festivals from small jewellery makers, its like a ritual for me, sadly none of that will be happening this year.

Pairing the pieces with an off the shoulder top, but I can totally see these pieces with a white shirt, pair of blue denim shorts and s cute sandal, or you can have a rummage around the jewellery you already own and layer them up. It will even look cute with a bad tee and a simple pair of jeans! 

I hope you were able to get a vibe for the kind of things Pauline makes, do go and check out her Etsy page HERE.  

It’s a strange time for us all. So many changes and weeks of practice down the line, and we’re getting a little better at it. But hey, with a little bit of bling and a glass of wine, we’re well on our to getting through this!

How are you all my quariqueens? I thought I’ll catch up with you before jumping into posts and just tell you what’s been happen (what’s happening). Internet is controlling my mind and tiktok won’t leave me alone, and bits of TikTok is in my head all the time.... anyone else?!

Day 98286398 of quarantine, I still haven’t written a novel in French (or learnt french). So I guess it’s back to roots I go (roots being blogging, not my actual roots which seriously need TLC). When it comes to quarantine, you're probably wondering if you're doing it right? And the answer is YES; whatever your coping mechanism is. 

All the hopes and dreams I had for all the goals I wanted to achieve, I clearly see down the drain now, it’s about survival now. Call me dramatic but we ARE in a midst of a pandemic. Pretty serious stuff if you ask me. So whether you’re super productive, or discovered you’re a pro at binge watching Netflix, IT IS OK. Neither make you better or worse than anyone else. I mean life will never be normal, nothing will be the same and we will remember all of this for, well, always. I feel compelled to have a COVID related post. 

When I read this years down the line, I want the future me to know I was here, I lived it and breathed it. Not like I will ever forget. I was never a baker and no pandemic will change that. I’m sure your banana bread is delicious, but I like mine made by others… we were never given a ‘how to’ guide to quarantine, there’s no rule book. So I say do the best you can. 

Also, remember we go at different paces, some of us have done all our home renovations at the beginning of this madness, some of us were chilling and now those who were chilling are interior gurus and other just chilling. So, make sure you treat internet as a source of inspiration and not a guide of where you're supposed to be at this point in your life. 

It sounds so stupid when people tell you to exercise and drink water. I am that person. I know you're about to scream... OK BECKY LIKE THAT'S GOING TO FIX EVERYTHING. It will not, BUT I firmly believe it’s so important for your mental health and I highly recommend you get onto that bandwagon. Exercise just sounds so stressful doesn’t it? Stretching and low impact workouts also count, walks- they all count. The thing with our bodies and our minds, especially now, it’s easier than ever to get into the MEH stage, slip down the dark hole, cloudy and grey mindset, so try and keep your head clear with all the things you love and give you comfort.

Exercise your mind, read a book or a magazine? I for one, LOVED getting back into reading blogs! And hey, it’s totally cool to be devastated about missing a friends birthday or having to cancel a holiday. Even if it was taking a train up country to see your girlfriends for the weekend; its all valid and it all counts! You're allowed to be happy, sad, crying, laughing all in he same breath, basically unstable and emotional is a state I resinate with often. If you follow me on instagram (sippingcoffee_), you know that that is a-hundred-percent me. It helps me to put it out there and have you guys respond and end up chatting about this stuff with you.

And please please talk to people (or don’t if you don’t want to, but DO if you need to)! So many door are open for you including my DMs, it really helps just to share your feels. Basically, it’s ok if you’re OK, it’s ok if you’re pretending to be ok to feel ok, it’s ok not to be ok, it’s ok to work things out, it’s ok if you’re smashing this quarantine thing, it’s ok if you’re wrapped in a duvet and still in your PJs, it’s ok if you’re dressed up rocking a quarantine chic look.

5 tips to survive uni

If you cant be bothered to read the wordy paragraphs, I have some very short and to the point extra tips bellow... But if you read the paragraphs it's worth it. So that I'm out of uni, I'm older, I guess smarter and a little bit wiser, although I still do stupid shit so go figure!

1.) MONEY - You may be feeling a little like this: 
I can tell you to budget and put away what you can, but we all know that come your first loan, you’ll blow it and live on pasta for a month before your next one. What I will say is that each loan has a REALLY big space in between, so if you’re used to end of the week or even end of the month pay day, forget it. Also... it’s been over a year since I finished uni and it may not seem like it at the moment... but you really will have to pay your overdraft off, apparently it’s not free money as my 18 year old self thoughtšŸ˜‚

2.) FOOD 
Telling you to be healthy is all well and good, and although you should be trying, the thing you should be taking away from this, and it’s to make sure that when you have dinner before a night out, not only make it a hearty one but, have leftovers, enough for your bestie crashing! Oh and when I say hearty, i mean… HEARTY. There’s nothing worse than being 4 tequilas deep and realising you’ve accidentally skipped dinner. It will really come in handy after you come back pissed. And although our Gordon Ramsey comes out when we were our best intoxicated selves, and our best dishes have been concocted at our steamiest... there’s nothing worse than cleaning that shit up splattered everywhere in the morning. And your flatmates will not find it ‘funny’.

3.) BE YOURSELF... and channel your inner Rhi Rhi

Wa wa waaa.. I bet you’re thinking that every link you clicked on it’s the first thing that comes up, but honestly, its so real. Don’t be ‘try’ to be the cook kid- There will be a lot of ‘cool kids’, work has them, school has them, your sixth form had them, and mostly it’s them thinking they’re cool roping in the newbies. But to be cool you often need to forget who you are, you need to go out on every sports events, you need to hook up with the chairman of football/ rugby, you need to get wasted to the point that you do tings that others will make fun of on sports night via drinking games, and you’ll have to find it funny or else you won’t even come out again. It’s a cliche but just be yourself and you’ll attract the right kind of people. There is nothing wrong with socialising, and meeting as many people as you can even though you won’t talk to half of them past the first month of uni… you never know where your bestie is hiding.

Do what you love, try something new, get pissed and do stupid things, hell go crazy, do you. But don’t try and fit in with people you just don’t. I never understood the fascination of being or getting with the coolest lad, coolest in who’s eyes? For how long? The title normally disappears when they leave uni, and then they’re just like any other guy.

A few extras…. short and sweet

  • Befriend berocca, stock up, subscription, whatever it takes, just trust me. 
  • Reference your life away.... even if it’s a mysterious Tooley (1987)
  • Don’t buy all other books on your reading list, attend the first few lectures, you’ll soon realise which you need a book for and which just brainwash you into their bullshit 
  • Making that 9am is a little ambitious 
  • Leaving shit to the last minute, is really not a great idea… 
  • No money? No problem…. Double vodka lime and soda please 
  • £4 wine never tasted this good when you’re broke as fuck 
  • Having 6 hour total lecture time a week, seems absolutely absurd, even though you’ve been going to school every day, five days a week, 6/7 hours a day. 
  • Don’t try and take notes of every single word your lecturer is saying, I know it’s tempting but listen first, especially if your lectures are recorded 
  • Get involved and work at uni if you can, they usually pay so much more than a normal part time and are super flexible with you lectures 
  • Making food will save you money.... I only realised in my final year and it will make you feel less sluggish, meal deals can build up and make you feel super gross after a while

Thick thighs, thin patience
Hello people, although delayed this blog post has been in my mind for a while. I just thought I can’t write something like that until I’m ok with it. By it, I mean the big ‘C’ word. 

This title pretty much sums up my feels about people to whom Cellulite = An overweight person and this concept that media, articles and this general perception of cellulite as being a bad thing that we need to get rid of, and pronto!

Whether it’s the start, mid or end of summer, getting our legs out is often an issue. May it be  shaking all the aperols consumed this summer, or indulging in bbqs that called you for the gym, maybe you just want to get healthier by hitting the swimming pool, relaxing at a spa... whatever it may be, I for one have found myself worrying about getting into a swimming costume or a pair of shorts, and I’m a normal size 8/10 gal, yet I find myself worrying and it's time we/ I accept it and make it a NORMAL THING. It's baffling that you even have to make it normal, when it IS and SHOULD be normal.

And still, women’s bodies are pretty cool, why we should be ashamed of them just because a certain body type is the norm at one moment in time. ‘The norm’ changes by the decade, so why the fuck do we care?

I’ve never really had a worry for cellulite, it’s normally at the back of my legs and if I can’t see it, I don’t worry about it. But it’s not until I was trying some clothes in H&M that I found myself looking at dimples above my knees... I didn’t know that was a fucking thing, but it is. 

It’s a cruel thing really to be a woman in the age of Instagram and ether ridiculously skimpy or unrealistic bikinis which are really tan line inappropriate, not ok. Even more so, the way media sees a woman’s body, and that one of a man is actually shocking and disgusting. Every bloody year we see magazines plastering before and after pictures of celebrities in their bikinis, that are made much worse by the angles paparazzi snap them in. A very talented camera man or a woman picking the most unflattering, and labelling ‘So and so [insert a headline].’ Like look at this normal looking human being ‘they’ve put a few pounds on’.  

I find it difficult to understand this image of cellulte and it being portrayed as something we must change. It’s always been normal but it’s be denormalised by media. Hey, I’m all for getting healthy and looking and feeling strong, but it doesn’t mean you wont have cellulite. Big or small you probably have it, and it’s ok. It’s just the way your fat collects in one place, everyone has fat on their bodies.

After my knee cellulite situation, I even worried about wearing shorts to exercise and luckily I soon came to my senses, which is why I’m here writing this.  We shouldn’t be afraid of cellulite, even very small healthy and fit people have it, so stop dreading the C word!

I will be the first to admit, I’m always making comments about how uncomfortable I feel in my body and then sometimes I wake up and love it. 

Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s no such thing as a ‘bikini body’ and if there is.... it’s your body. If you want a bikini body, put a bikini and put it in your body. 

That's all,

a. xoxo

How is it August already?! Feels like only yesterday I layed on pebbly beach with my sun-lounge rammed into the Greek coastline, I attempt to think about the future, because that’s what you do when you finish your degree, or more accurately as I awaited my future to be revealed. (Update, I got a 2:1 and a hefty library fine that holds my actual certificate hostage). And it seems less possible to escape the family questions... ‘So what do you think you’ll do after you graduate?’. Well Elizabeth, I would be doing it if I knew, wouldn't I.

Should I get a job and attempt at setting a goal of buying a house or a flat? Seems like a good goal to have; but getting a mortgage means roots and if you know me, you know that roots don’t play well with me. Is this the Peter Pan Syndrome? Is it the case of not wanting to grow up? Not wanting to be caught up in the cycle of a same old same old job? I feel like I'm more than a greyscale office, with grey scale people, wearing grey scale office clothes. I can be fun AND professional, apparently I've been doing it pretty well for 4 years anyway. I don't want to grow up if it means becoming a boring adult, doing boring adult things, eating boring adult sandwiches. 

I mean I’m 22, part of me thinks I should have a plan, a route or a direction. Which vaguely I do... and the other part is trying to convince myself that it’s ok if I don’t... which is hard when everyone around you is getting grad jobs and you can’t even pick between working in the city or the country side. 

The pressure after students graduate is immense, but at the same time as long as you’re doing something and not bumming your way around living off your parents dollar (although if it’s something you can do, you do you), young people have it hard these days and I’m not mad about taking a week to relax and figure out the next little step. Although taking a week too many can be dangerous as the comforts of being at home loom around you.

The way I see it is... we move through life at different paces, and that’s ok. Your friends might have a grad job, but if it’s not something you want to do, then why would you? Yeah, ok it might seem tempting to settle, it may feel as though that's what you want because everyone else is doing it, but you wouldn't settle for a boy, why settle for a job?

Of course this is coming from someone who doesn’t have a grad job so I may be bias, but I also haven’t applied to any. Simply because. I haven’t found one I would want to stay in the U.K. for or trade my 'freedom' for. Essentially, you will be dedicating majority of your day to travelling, working so it best be something you love and enjoy. 

There’s nothing I can say to make you feel better if you’re not trying anything and bumming it in life, but if you have the luxury to then I guess why not. This is one of those posts that will make little sense to someone who has it all figured out, but I feel like I don't. Things are changing quickly, too quickly. It's one of those times where I want to go with the flow, I miss my friends and please tell me I'm not alone here haha! To all past and present graduates, I feel you now. 

p.s I'm no longer in Greece, very very sadly
Oh the season of red and love... right after the ‘cosy af with bae’ during January blues and just before cutesy yellow and green tones popping up courtesy of Easter, the single folk first have to face the territory of red....  love in the air, love in the streets, couples holding hands, couples here there and everywhere. Couple goals seem to be on every corner (and by every corner I mean Instagram, because let’s be real who leaves the house these days, let alone in this FREEZING February..) and are actually making you want to puke if you’re single and in your 20s... But we still wear pink for the occasion....

It's just that time of the year again, us singletons go out of our way to jazz up the single life and say just how much we live for being single, we don't care, what even is Valentine's Day? We're not bothered... Ha, but I bet you are. Though don’t threat... You're not the only bitter person and I'm here with 14 great things about being single on 14th of February (if we've not been reminded enough). 

1. You might overload on lonely pizza and sale chocolate, but at least it's not a constant thing (unless you're a student with weak af will power, in which case you might just be f*cked). Being in a relationship and gaining weight is not a myth! 

2. Single people can hate on people in relationships with other single people until they're not single anymore, and then they can say how 'bitter' us single people tend to be.... you used to be one of us 

3. Rest! It's Wednesday, you've already had a long week, the last thing you need is a row about the reservations he forgot to make.... or go out on the p*ss with your pals, that works too... 

4. You might be alone on Valentine’s Day, but you’ve also been alone days before and will be the day after and all the days in between... so really nothing’s changed 

5. I’m sure you could have a boyfriend/girlfriend if you wanted to....... whatever we need to hear for self actualisation

6. People in relationships are actually gross.... and we get told we’re the gross ones

7.) but you can be verrrryyyy gross if you want to 

8.) You are a pro at those chat up lines, because you tried to work your magic to find that Prince Charming on bumble 

9.) You can watch that TV show whenever you want.... WHENEVER 

10.) Also, who’s got extra cash for presents that are not for you..... and Pizza for one pls and ty

11, 12,13, 14. You don't have to endure the pain of watching all the other couples look like they're having a blast with that set menu, then getting mad at bae for having a mediocre date, when everyones having one that's just as mediocre as yours

And that's it from me!

Outfit Deets:
Coat: Boohoo
Top: Missguided (Mine was on sale, but similar or on sale here)
Leggings: Pull&Bear (No longer on website, but similar here, here, here, here)
Boots: Missguided (NOW ON SALE!)

Side note.... big up to my friend Ford for editing and taking some amazing shots of this outfit and for making me feel all levels of sass despite it being a very busy afternoon... 

products for dry hairhaironpoint products for dry hair
#haironpoint this winter with Palmers
So winter is fast approaching, the weather keeps going from 0 to 100, which means it could be a good time to think about taking care of all the dry bits. You never know when you'll wake up feeling like you've got frost bite. Dramatic? Maybe, but you have to admit the weather has now drastically changed and the sun is quite deceiving. Just yesterday I was walking freezing my little tootsies off, with the sun beaming, and today I woke up to hot and stuffy Birmingham air... ew.

Though forgotten and neglected by many, hair actually becomes super dry and dull in the cold weather, and as it's prone to breakage it makes our hair split-end central. It's just not cute ok, and I won't bore you with the ins and outs of dry hair, but lucky for you, I'm here to talk you through it a little bit.

I was sent over the gorgeous Palmer's Coconut Formula range. When they first got in touch, the thing that made me say yes in the first place is that the coconut oil sustainably and ethically sourced, containing high levels of fatty acids, helping to lock in moisture and hydrate your locks. When choosing a shampoo, it's important for me that it doesn't contain any nasties including Sulphates, Parabens, GMOs or harsh chemicals; this range does just that... and more.

I was lucky enough to try out majority of the range made up of Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Conditioning Shampoo, Repairing Conditioner, Oil Formula Strong Roots Spray and Deep Conditioning Protein Pack (which omg, did wonders for my hair).

Palmers coconut dry oil spray

So... first let me tell you how I wash my hair, yeah I know... but wait, trust me when I say this will change your life as it has mine. A while back I read MariaJ's blog about this method of washing your hair and it's mad how simple it is and more people need to know about it. In midst of complicated concepts I currently study at uni, washing your hair twice is not one of them... Mind blown? No? Ok, well I was, but try it and then tell me. Basically what happens in the first shampoo, you use a small amount to get rid of the dirt and build up in the hair, the second wash is where the magic happens- again using a tiny amount of product to get a good fat lather going, get into those roots and your hair will feel shamazzzinggg!

The shampoo itself is rich and creamy containing Manoi oil (I think they all do to nourish them locks). This adds shine, radiance and makes your hair feel super soft and smooth. In conjunction with the Shampoo, I loved using the conditioner too. I have been using my hair straighteners more than usual these past months because my hair ends are looking a little worse for wear; frizzy and too dead for my liking. Another thing I didn't realise until I used the conditioner is that it's also for colour treated hair, and since I recently had a balyage situation did,  I wanted to give it a lil whoop whoop in the shower...

I then went ahead and gave the protein pack a go... Being in major need of TLC for my hair, this is exactly what I needed. A lil sumin' sumin' for my dehydrated damaged and dry hair. I left it in for about 15minutes (or so) and the results were just what the doctor ordered. If only they had a mask like this for the fixing up your soul... yeah that would be really good right now.

Honestly, my hair has never felt quite so bouncy and soft!

palmers coconut oil formula
palmers coconut oil formula

After the process of washing I used the dry oil spray, and oh-my-days.... I have never received so many compliments about my hair smelling fab... like ever. You know when you're on the public transport or something, and there's someone in front of you and their hair smells so good you just want to dig in and smell it forever, but even a slight sniff will make you look like a fucking weirdo (... no I haven't ever done that, but I came pretty damn close). I feel like I can be that person now, and you can smell mine all you want, I won't even be mad. Even though it's an oil, I used it way too much and my hair still didn't get greasy.

However, I do have normal to dry hair especially after the colour treatment, I would suggest a trial and error process if you have oily hair then perhaps using the oil on wet hair rather than dry hair, right before you blow dry is your best option!

palmers coconut oil formula
I'm so impressed with the range in general, especially at the price it comes with, it's definitely something you should give lil test... I've been using this for over two weeks now and my hair is in less of a need to be washed, yet my scalp doesn't feel dry or flaky, and we all know that washing your hair on the daily basis is not fabulous.
palmers coconut oil formula
palmers coconut oil formula

Hope you're having a fab Monday lovelies! I wish you the best hair days ever! 

*This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are honest and my own


Your best foot forward with Clive Christian
I swear looking for the perfect scent is a lifelong mission, and just like you shouldn't settle for shitty coffee, friends or men, we shouldn't settle for mundane scents ether. But, regardless scents defines us and our behaviour. 

Clive Christian is a British luxury interiors and perfume company and their website (here) is filled with gourmand perfumes that bear character, complexity and deep senses. Scents linger on our skin and there's something quite fucking fascinating about the body's chemistry, warm pulse points and our heartbeat that intertwined with our individual hormones causes a reaction to allow the fragrance to smell differently on everyone. 

gourmand perfumes

But seriously, you know that moment when someone walks past you and you're like whoaaaa girl stop, now, I want that, whatever that is you have... I want it, you smells afuckingmazing! 

Smell good, feel good. There definitely is some positive correlation here. We have different scents for different occasions, and there is some sort of vavavoom that the perfumes possess to evoke a certain mood, feel some sort of emotion and captivate moments that later arouse memories through the power of essence. Scents play bigger part in the way we are than we think, and that's not just me talking, there's science backing me up on this one.

gourmand perfumes
gourmand perfumes

When I was contacted to have a little try and smell of this perfume, I was excited,  but I definitely didn't expect the alluring charm I experienced once I spritz it for the first time.

The sample I was sent was from their private collection, enclosed in a gorgeous little box with two tiny sample bottles... but I'm just having to pause for a second and gather my thoughts as my nose is glued to my wrist. I genuinely can't stop smelling it. I've never smelt a scent quite as distinct as this one, it almost smells as what I would want it to smell if I concocted my own perfume... And I always wanted to do that! 

Sexy and sophisticated. In the process of trying to find more words to describe the scent, I feel like I'm describing the woman, while simultaneously characterising the fragrance. Strong but gentle. Classy yet vivacious... sophisticated, intricate, delicate and a touch mysterious. Complex. Different.

There's something about the soft richness of it that brings out a sensual and flirty vibe to the cohort of overall smokey yet opulent, luxurious aroma. 

If you were to spritz this on your pressure points, go on a date... he would remember you, it's the kind of scent that would be your scent. If you didn't know any better you wouldn't think I'm talking about perfume, but it really does bring a charming formulation of provoked emotion that I didn't expect. 

Now I'm not going to hide the fact that they cost some serious dolla, there's a reason it's luxurious and if I had a rich husband I would definitely be making that investment. A girl can dream, and maybe the future me, the girl in 5 years time will be able to treat herself like that.

LET'S CHAT... I would love to know your feel-good perfume and what you look for in a scent down in the comments!

gourmand perfumes
gourmand perfumes
gourmand perfumes

*This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are honest and my own


Say hello to Sipping Coffee
Hello and a great big massive welcome to you, who have stumbled upon my humble abode.

Sipping-Coffee, what a bloody struggle it was to get here, but we're here. 

So I should probably introduce myself, I'm Angelika (yes, it is pronounced like the one from the Rugrats, minus her tyrannical nature, though mother may disagree). You might also know me as angelikablogs, but that's the book I've decided to re-write. And this is the new book. 

For years I have struggled with my blog. It was me all the time, I was honest, but it never felt quite right (if you stick around, in the next couple of weeks I will publishing a post on 5 tips to overcome blogger identity crisis, and you can stay updated on the twitter). I couldn't figure out what was wrong, until I realised that the space doesn't reflect me in the slightest. Overtime I tried to put it back on track and I failed, miserably. It's like playing a game of snakes and ladders, but landing on the head of the snake every.damn.time. 

But tell me this, for someone who has never been in love, is it the excitement, the racing of the heart, or the lust to caress her body first thing in the morning? Could it be the feeling of the blood rushing through your flesh at the thought of her, and the smile on your face at the sight of her? You miss her when she's out of reach, and though she's not around, she never quite leaves your mind. Am I close? Because by her I mean this blog. And by body I mean my Canon 600D. I'm excited! 

Now let me tell you why we're here and not over at angelikablogs. Ew, I literally cringe every time I say that, you know that e-mail you've created when you were 10? That's what it makes me feel like. It just feels timid, shy, cute and nothing like me, despite it literally having my name on it.

All the while angelikablogs was alive, I felt like a yoyo. Back and forth, frantically trying to figure out what was wrong. I made excuses, I had a shitty year last year, I didn't have lighting or time. But no reason was quite 'reason' enough because upon acquiring and fixing all possible excuses there was no progress. Angelikablogs was a dead end. I had content lined up to be published that I could never actually publish, as if I was saving it for something. And then I realised that no amount of motivation, photos, content or love will make that space quite my own. I wasn't loving it. I always had the ick (this one was for all my fellow love to hate, hate to love, love islanders).

Now that I have created sipping-coffee (or sippingcoffee_ on social media), I feel like I fell in love with my space. I feel like I can be honest, real but most importantly unfiltered. Because hey, your girl over here swears, she's not cutesy and sort of an organised chaos majority of the time. Heres to the girls who just can't get their shit together.

p.s nothing wrong with shy and timid, but it's just not me. 

Lots of love
a. xoxo

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