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#haironpoint this winter with Palmers
So winter is fast approaching, the weather keeps going from 0 to 100, which means it could be a good time to think about taking care of all the dry bits. You never know when you'll wake up feeling like you've got frost bite. Dramatic? Maybe, but you have to admit the weather has now drastically changed and the sun is quite deceiving. Just yesterday I was walking freezing my little tootsies off, with the sun beaming, and today I woke up to hot and stuffy Birmingham air... ew.

Though forgotten and neglected by many, hair actually becomes super dry and dull in the cold weather, and as it's prone to breakage it makes our hair split-end central. It's just not cute ok, and I won't bore you with the ins and outs of dry hair, but lucky for you, I'm here to talk you through it a little bit.

I was sent over the gorgeous Palmer's Coconut Formula range. When they first got in touch, the thing that made me say yes in the first place is that the coconut oil sustainably and ethically sourced, containing high levels of fatty acids, helping to lock in moisture and hydrate your locks. When choosing a shampoo, it's important for me that it doesn't contain any nasties including Sulphates, Parabens, GMOs or harsh chemicals; this range does just that... and more.

I was lucky enough to try out majority of the range made up of Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Conditioning Shampoo, Repairing Conditioner, Oil Formula Strong Roots Spray and Deep Conditioning Protein Pack (which omg, did wonders for my hair).

Palmers coconut dry oil spray

So... first let me tell you how I wash my hair, yeah I know... but wait, trust me when I say this will change your life as it has mine. A while back I read MariaJ's blog about this method of washing your hair and it's mad how simple it is and more people need to know about it. In midst of complicated concepts I currently study at uni, washing your hair twice is not one of them... Mind blown? No? Ok, well I was, but try it and then tell me. Basically what happens in the first shampoo, you use a small amount to get rid of the dirt and build up in the hair, the second wash is where the magic happens- again using a tiny amount of product to get a good fat lather going, get into those roots and your hair will feel shamazzzinggg!

The shampoo itself is rich and creamy containing Manoi oil (I think they all do to nourish them locks). This adds shine, radiance and makes your hair feel super soft and smooth. In conjunction with the Shampoo, I loved using the conditioner too. I have been using my hair straighteners more than usual these past months because my hair ends are looking a little worse for wear; frizzy and too dead for my liking. Another thing I didn't realise until I used the conditioner is that it's also for colour treated hair, and since I recently had a balyage situation did,  I wanted to give it a lil whoop whoop in the shower...

I then went ahead and gave the protein pack a go... Being in major need of TLC for my hair, this is exactly what I needed. A lil sumin' sumin' for my dehydrated damaged and dry hair. I left it in for about 15minutes (or so) and the results were just what the doctor ordered. If only they had a mask like this for the fixing up your soul... yeah that would be really good right now.

Honestly, my hair has never felt quite so bouncy and soft!

palmers coconut oil formula
palmers coconut oil formula

After the process of washing I used the dry oil spray, and oh-my-days.... I have never received so many compliments about my hair smelling fab... like ever. You know when you're on the public transport or something, and there's someone in front of you and their hair smells so good you just want to dig in and smell it forever, but even a slight sniff will make you look like a fucking weirdo (... no I haven't ever done that, but I came pretty damn close). I feel like I can be that person now, and you can smell mine all you want, I won't even be mad. Even though it's an oil, I used it way too much and my hair still didn't get greasy.

However, I do have normal to dry hair especially after the colour treatment, I would suggest a trial and error process if you have oily hair then perhaps using the oil on wet hair rather than dry hair, right before you blow dry is your best option!

palmers coconut oil formula
I'm so impressed with the range in general, especially at the price it comes with, it's definitely something you should give lil test... I've been using this for over two weeks now and my hair is in less of a need to be washed, yet my scalp doesn't feel dry or flaky, and we all know that washing your hair on the daily basis is not fabulous.
palmers coconut oil formula
palmers coconut oil formula

Hope you're having a fab Monday lovelies! I wish you the best hair days ever! 

*This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are honest and my own




  1. This is a great post. My hair gets really bad in the winter months.

    1. Thank you! I know, mine does do I can definitely see the difference in my hair getting dryer!

  2. Oooh, I always want my hair to be bouncy and soft so may have to give these a try! Coconut oil is just so lovely on the hair too! Xx

  3. Ooh I love anything coconut scented! I will have to look into these products! 😊 X

  4. This sounds great, I have never used their hair products before but if they are as good as their moisturisers then I may need to invest!

  5. you look so cute and the photos are great!


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