Tuesday 5 May 2020

How to cope with quarantine | sippingcoffee

How are you all my quariqueens? I thought I’ll catch up with you before jumping into posts and just tell you what’s been happen (what’s happening). Internet is controlling my mind and tiktok won’t leave me alone, and bits of TikTok is in my head all the time.... anyone else?!

Day 98286398 of quarantine, I still haven’t written a novel in French (or learnt french). So I guess it’s back to roots I go (roots being blogging, not my actual roots which seriously need TLC). When it comes to quarantine, you're probably wondering if you're doing it right? And the answer is YES; whatever your coping mechanism is. 

All the hopes and dreams I had for all the goals I wanted to achieve, I clearly see down the drain now, it’s about survival now. Call me dramatic but we ARE in a midst of a pandemic. Pretty serious stuff if you ask me. So whether you’re super productive, or discovered you’re a pro at binge watching Netflix, IT IS OK. Neither make you better or worse than anyone else. I mean life will never be normal, nothing will be the same and we will remember all of this for, well, always. I feel compelled to have a COVID related post. 

When I read this years down the line, I want the future me to know I was here, I lived it and breathed it. Not like I will ever forget. I was never a baker and no pandemic will change that. I’m sure your banana bread is delicious, but I like mine made by others… we were never given a ‘how to’ guide to quarantine, there’s no rule book. So I say do the best you can. 

Also, remember we go at different paces, some of us have done all our home renovations at the beginning of this madness, some of us were chilling and now those who were chilling are interior gurus and other just chilling. So, make sure you treat internet as a source of inspiration and not a guide of where you're supposed to be at this point in your life. 

It sounds so stupid when people tell you to exercise and drink water. I am that person. I know you're about to scream... OK BECKY LIKE THAT'S GOING TO FIX EVERYTHING. It will not, BUT I firmly believe it’s so important for your mental health and I highly recommend you get onto that bandwagon. Exercise just sounds so stressful doesn’t it? Stretching and low impact workouts also count, walks- they all count. The thing with our bodies and our minds, especially now, it’s easier than ever to get into the MEH stage, slip down the dark hole, cloudy and grey mindset, so try and keep your head clear with all the things you love and give you comfort.

Exercise your mind, read a book or a magazine? I for one, LOVED getting back into reading blogs! And hey, it’s totally cool to be devastated about missing a friends birthday or having to cancel a holiday. Even if it was taking a train up country to see your girlfriends for the weekend; its all valid and it all counts! You're allowed to be happy, sad, crying, laughing all in he same breath, basically unstable and emotional is a state I resinate with often. If you follow me on instagram (sippingcoffee_), you know that that is a-hundred-percent me. It helps me to put it out there and have you guys respond and end up chatting about this stuff with you.

And please please talk to people (or don’t if you don’t want to, but DO if you need to)! So many door are open for you including my DMs, it really helps just to share your feels. Basically, it’s ok if you’re OK, it’s ok if you’re pretending to be ok to feel ok, it’s ok not to be ok, it’s ok to work things out, it’s ok if you’re smashing this quarantine thing, it’s ok if you’re wrapped in a duvet and still in your PJs, it’s ok if you’re dressed up rocking a quarantine chic look.


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