Friday 8 May 2020

The perfect gift during lockdown | Moon Zest Jewellery *AD

It’s true what they say, good things come in small packages. I think we can all agree that jewellery can make or break an outfit, most often you can’t go wrong with a cute little necklace or a ring. You can wear the simplest outfit and pass it up with some gorgeous jewellery. I always loved that boho aesthetic you see all over Pinterest, especially those images with a hand full of boho rings, it always gets a pin from me! So let me introduce you to Moon Zest Jewellery, an independent handmade Boho Jewellery on Etsy. 

The boho silver is handcrafted by Pauline in London, on her Etsy shop you can find something for everyone, from whimsical pendants, to simple and minimal pieces, there really is something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a unique gift or just to treat yourself!

Easily accessible via the inter web, it makes for a perfect and convenient gift for friends, family, girlfriends and brighten someones day up, especially in times of isolation and missed birthdays and celebrations. And hey, you’re also supporting a small business, which is so important especially in the time of lockdown and isolation; which makes it all the more reason to buy from people who sell on platforms such as Etsy! 

I have captured images of the boho silverware to give you a little bit of an insight what Moon Zest Jewellery are about. I mean, who doesn’t love a cute choker or a chunky ring?! I always try and get my hands on things like this at festivals from small jewellery makers, its like a ritual for me, sadly none of that will be happening this year.

Pairing the pieces with an off the shoulder top, but I can totally see these pieces with a white shirt, pair of blue denim shorts and s cute sandal, or you can have a rummage around the jewellery you already own and layer them up. It will even look cute with a bad tee and a simple pair of jeans! 

I hope you were able to get a vibe for the kind of things Pauline makes, do go and check out her Etsy page HERE.  

It’s a strange time for us all. So many changes and weeks of practice down the line, and we’re getting a little better at it. But hey, with a little bit of bling and a glass of wine, we’re well on our to getting through this!


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