Wednesday 28 August 2019

Thick thighs, thin patience | Cellulite.

Thick thighs, thin patience
Hello people, although delayed this blog post has been in my mind for a while. I just thought I can’t write something like that until I’m ok with it. By it, I mean the big ‘C’ word. 

This title pretty much sums up my feels about people to whom Cellulite = An overweight person and this concept that media, articles and this general perception of cellulite as being a bad thing that we need to get rid of, and pronto!

Whether it’s the start, mid or end of summer, getting our legs out is often an issue. May it be  shaking all the aperols consumed this summer, or indulging in bbqs that called you for the gym, maybe you just want to get healthier by hitting the swimming pool, relaxing at a spa... whatever it may be, I for one have found myself worrying about getting into a swimming costume or a pair of shorts, and I’m a normal size 8/10 gal, yet I find myself worrying and it's time we/ I accept it and make it a NORMAL THING. It's baffling that you even have to make it normal, when it IS and SHOULD be normal.

And still, women’s bodies are pretty cool, why we should be ashamed of them just because a certain body type is the norm at one moment in time. ‘The norm’ changes by the decade, so why the fuck do we care?

I’ve never really had a worry for cellulite, it’s normally at the back of my legs and if I can’t see it, I don’t worry about it. But it’s not until I was trying some clothes in H&M that I found myself looking at dimples above my knees... I didn’t know that was a fucking thing, but it is. 

It’s a cruel thing really to be a woman in the age of Instagram and ether ridiculously skimpy or unrealistic bikinis which are really tan line inappropriate, not ok. Even more so, the way media sees a woman’s body, and that one of a man is actually shocking and disgusting. Every bloody year we see magazines plastering before and after pictures of celebrities in their bikinis, that are made much worse by the angles paparazzi snap them in. A very talented camera man or a woman picking the most unflattering, and labelling ‘So and so [insert a headline].’ Like look at this normal looking human being ‘they’ve put a few pounds on’.  

I find it difficult to understand this image of cellulte and it being portrayed as something we must change. It’s always been normal but it’s be denormalised by media. Hey, I’m all for getting healthy and looking and feeling strong, but it doesn’t mean you wont have cellulite. Big or small you probably have it, and it’s ok. It’s just the way your fat collects in one place, everyone has fat on their bodies.

After my knee cellulite situation, I even worried about wearing shorts to exercise and luckily I soon came to my senses, which is why I’m here writing this.  We shouldn’t be afraid of cellulite, even very small healthy and fit people have it, so stop dreading the C word!

I will be the first to admit, I’m always making comments about how uncomfortable I feel in my body and then sometimes I wake up and love it. 

Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s no such thing as a ‘bikini body’ and if there is.... it’s your body. If you want a bikini body, put a bikini and put it in your body. 

That's all,

a. xoxo

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