Tuesday 10 September 2019

3 REAL tips to survive UNI

5 tips to survive uni

If you cant be bothered to read the wordy paragraphs, I have some very short and to the point extra tips bellow... But if you read the paragraphs it's worth it. So that I'm out of uni, I'm older, I guess smarter and a little bit wiser, although I still do stupid shit so go figure!

1.) MONEY - You may be feeling a little like this: 
I can tell you to budget and put away what you can, but we all know that come your first loan, you’ll blow it and live on pasta for a month before your next one. What I will say is that each loan has a REALLY big space in between, so if you’re used to end of the week or even end of the month pay day, forget it. Also... it’s been over a year since I finished uni and it may not seem like it at the moment... but you really will have to pay your overdraft off, apparently it’s not free money as my 18 year old self thoughtšŸ˜‚

2.) FOOD 
Telling you to be healthy is all well and good, and although you should be trying, the thing you should be taking away from this, and it’s to make sure that when you have dinner before a night out, not only make it a hearty one but, have leftovers, enough for your bestie crashing! Oh and when I say hearty, i mean… HEARTY. There’s nothing worse than being 4 tequilas deep and realising you’ve accidentally skipped dinner. It will really come in handy after you come back pissed. And although our Gordon Ramsey comes out when we were our best intoxicated selves, and our best dishes have been concocted at our steamiest... there’s nothing worse than cleaning that shit up splattered everywhere in the morning. And your flatmates will not find it ‘funny’.

3.) BE YOURSELF... and channel your inner Rhi Rhi

Wa wa waaa.. I bet you’re thinking that every link you clicked on it’s the first thing that comes up, but honestly, its so real. Don’t be ‘try’ to be the cook kid- There will be a lot of ‘cool kids’, work has them, school has them, your sixth form had them, and mostly it’s them thinking they’re cool roping in the newbies. But to be cool you often need to forget who you are, you need to go out on every sports events, you need to hook up with the chairman of football/ rugby, you need to get wasted to the point that you do tings that others will make fun of on sports night via drinking games, and you’ll have to find it funny or else you won’t even come out again. It’s a cliche but just be yourself and you’ll attract the right kind of people. There is nothing wrong with socialising, and meeting as many people as you can even though you won’t talk to half of them past the first month of uni… you never know where your bestie is hiding.

Do what you love, try something new, get pissed and do stupid things, hell go crazy, do you. But don’t try and fit in with people you just don’t. I never understood the fascination of being or getting with the coolest lad, coolest in who’s eyes? For how long? The title normally disappears when they leave uni, and then they’re just like any other guy.

A few extras…. short and sweet

  • Befriend berocca, stock up, subscription, whatever it takes, just trust me. 
  • Reference your life away.... even if it’s a mysterious Tooley (1987)
  • Don’t buy all other books on your reading list, attend the first few lectures, you’ll soon realise which you need a book for and which just brainwash you into their bullshit 
  • Making that 9am is a little ambitious 
  • Leaving shit to the last minute, is really not a great idea… 
  • No money? No problem…. Double vodka lime and soda please 
  • £4 wine never tasted this good when you’re broke as fuck 
  • Having 6 hour total lecture time a week, seems absolutely absurd, even though you’ve been going to school every day, five days a week, 6/7 hours a day. 
  • Don’t try and take notes of every single word your lecturer is saying, I know it’s tempting but listen first, especially if your lectures are recorded 
  • Get involved and work at uni if you can, they usually pay so much more than a normal part time and are super flexible with you lectures 
  • Making food will save you money.... I only realised in my final year and it will make you feel less sluggish, meal deals can build up and make you feel super gross after a while

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