Friday 17 August 2018

The Peter Pan syndrome

How is it August already?! Feels like only yesterday I layed on pebbly beach with my sun-lounge rammed into the Greek coastline, I attempt to think about the future, because that’s what you do when you finish your degree, or more accurately as I awaited my future to be revealed. (Update, I got a 2:1 and a hefty library fine that holds my actual certificate hostage). And it seems less possible to escape the family questions... ‘So what do you think you’ll do after you graduate?’. Well Elizabeth, I would be doing it if I knew, wouldn't I.

Should I get a job and attempt at setting a goal of buying a house or a flat? Seems like a good goal to have; but getting a mortgage means roots and if you know me, you know that roots don’t play well with me. Is this the Peter Pan Syndrome? Is it the case of not wanting to grow up? Not wanting to be caught up in the cycle of a same old same old job? I feel like I'm more than a greyscale office, with grey scale people, wearing grey scale office clothes. I can be fun AND professional, apparently I've been doing it pretty well for 4 years anyway. I don't want to grow up if it means becoming a boring adult, doing boring adult things, eating boring adult sandwiches. 

I mean I’m 22, part of me thinks I should have a plan, a route or a direction. Which vaguely I do... and the other part is trying to convince myself that it’s ok if I don’t... which is hard when everyone around you is getting grad jobs and you can’t even pick between working in the city or the country side. 

The pressure after students graduate is immense, but at the same time as long as you’re doing something and not bumming your way around living off your parents dollar (although if it’s something you can do, you do you), young people have it hard these days and I’m not mad about taking a week to relax and figure out the next little step. Although taking a week too many can be dangerous as the comforts of being at home loom around you.

The way I see it is... we move through life at different paces, and that’s ok. Your friends might have a grad job, but if it’s not something you want to do, then why would you? Yeah, ok it might seem tempting to settle, it may feel as though that's what you want because everyone else is doing it, but you wouldn't settle for a boy, why settle for a job?

Of course this is coming from someone who doesn’t have a grad job so I may be bias, but I also haven’t applied to any. Simply because. I haven’t found one I would want to stay in the U.K. for or trade my 'freedom' for. Essentially, you will be dedicating majority of your day to travelling, working so it best be something you love and enjoy. 

There’s nothing I can say to make you feel better if you’re not trying anything and bumming it in life, but if you have the luxury to then I guess why not. This is one of those posts that will make little sense to someone who has it all figured out, but I feel like I don't. Things are changing quickly, too quickly. It's one of those times where I want to go with the flow, I miss my friends and please tell me I'm not alone here haha! To all past and present graduates, I feel you now. 

p.s I'm no longer in Greece, very very sadly

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  1. Omg I love this post. It makes sense to me ���� I graduated like 2 years ago now and I haven’t applied to any grad jobs yet, I feel like it’s a big commitment and I’m kind of enjoying working a joe-blogs job and spending time with family before I wizz off somewhere unfamiliar and plumit into adult life! Scary! I dont think there’s any rush, and it is so so hard adapting to life after uni. I’m seriously debating going back if I’m honest!
    Great post and great topic x


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