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48 hours in Ibiza: A Virgins Guide to Ibiza

48 hours in Ibiza

48 hours in Ibiza

You'd be surprised just how much you can fit in 48 hours if you really tried, especially if you remove sleep from the equation and face the fact that you'll be deprived of the z's big time. If you are spending 48 hours in Ibiza, you should probably decide why you're going, because I highly doubt you'll be able to catch a tan, party and explore all at once, unless it consists of exploring the pretty places to get boozy at.

Ibiza closing parties are just around the corner and if you've booked a spontaneous flight, you probably want to know a little bit of what to expect. I went to Ibiza for literally 48 hours for the first time and it went a little something like this...

Let's start painting the picture at a club where I met a guy, long story short, a few dates down the line a trip to Ibiza seemed like a brill idea. Because nothing makes more sense than going away with someone you've previously met 4 times.... right?

So first things first. Before I even went, I was ready for expensive. And it was very expensive. Beautiful? Gorgeous? Alive? Yes, but also expensive. You might not need to resort to selling a kidney, but I wouldn't rule it out completely.

I blew quite a bit of dolla solely in 48 hours, paying little attention to where and what I was spending, there are definitely ways you could save. And maybe having a table with a €140 minimum spend at Mambo is not that way. Though, I highly recommend Mambo, well known for it's sunset spot, and once you've done that once, you can join all the other ballers on the beach with a bottle of something, trying to keep a straight face while Ibiza bangers are replaces with cringe 'where the road goes' tune, making your non-romantic getaway fucking cute.

Despite the expensive nature of the island, I would fully support anyones decision to go to Ibiza, and if you catch a cheaper flight, you won't need me to convince you.

Naturally, when you book your holiday, the first thing you do is think; clothes. Unless you're sensible and then you might be thinking that you need some sort of shelter. Nonetheless, general attire for Ibiza is trendy and stylish. Whether it's casual, smart, dressed up, everyone somehow looks good. Don't mistake wearing 5 inch stilettos everywhere as trendy, save yourself the blisters, because no one really cares if you're wearing stilettos or platforms; casual can look good too.

Just think: Instagram. I don't think I was quite ready for it or the heat, and man, if I went again, I would definitely alter my wardrobe slightly... bring more sparkle, more platform shoes and more simple clothes that can be accessorised during the day.

Getting Around
Tried and tested: there are no Ubers in Ibiza folks. Legit taxis are your best bet upon arrival, and just like any airport, you'll find them lined up outside. Don't fall for dodgy men enticing you to their taxi and you feel like it's a good idea because the queue at the taxi rank is bigger than your ego and you think you'll be quicker and better off. They're creepy and you'll probably get ripped off big time.

When it comes to getting around to clubs, I highly recommend getting yourself into a bus station. I think the price to getting to clubs on the bus was around €3 a head, which is not exactly relative to €20-30 you may pay if you're making your way from San Antonio to the bigger clubs like Pacha. They have a bus to all the clubs, and it will get you pumped as you'll be amongst other fellow Brits and foreigners giving it beans before hand. Not as glamorous? Yeah ok, but aren't we all here for the experience?

Every club has their more popular nights of the week and the clubs you attend and its attire will heavily depended on the events that are on at a current time. This will likely to be displayed in the foyer of your hotel, along with what is on who is on, where and how much it will cost you. Oh and I highly recommend looking at instagram for outfit inspo!

Day 1
Day one was the day we flew in, we were in our apartment at about 8pm, we took a trip to the supermarket to stock up on the essentials; Crisps, Bubbly, Beer, Vodka, Mixer and Lime.

Highly, highly recommend taking a trip down to the supermarket, booze are cheap and you will, you WILL appreciate those crisps when you get back after a night of partying.

The first night we were there, we've had our tickets pre-booked for Pacha, one of the biggest night clubs in Ibiza. In my opinion, you definitely have to go at least once. Is it overhyped? Probably. Was it my favourite of the two? No. But it's still amazing and you should go and experience it.

This one is dressy, I highly recommend heels and bit of glam. I personally opted for a subtle LBD, as it was my first time going, I wanted to look nice but also feel comfortable and confident. This LBD was nice and tight and definitely made me feel a little bit sexy. With Pacha, there were all sorts of glam levels, you can pull out all the stops. And yes I do have a bone to pick with that tragic parting...

Outfit Details:
Dress: Missguided
Shoes: Missguided (Now on SALE!)
Earrings: Newlook
Day 2
Consisted of Mambo Breakfast, Cocktails, Ocean Beach, Mambo Sunset and Amnesia

Oh and a make-up disaster. Honestly, if you're planning on looking 'Insta glam' for Ocean Beach, I highly suggest getting yourself a very well air conditioned room and a portable fan. Due to my very organised disorganised nature, I was not in charge of any planning or booking behind the trip itself and the room unfortunately was insanely hot. My beloved MAC foundation was not my friend, it did not have yo sistas back. Despite setting it with my smashbox setting spray, it literally baked on my face (and not the good kind of bake) it bubbled up and literally slid off.

And of course it happened to me in front of this poor guy who has already been waiting ages for me. 
I felt shitty and tried to not have a makeup tantrum, so I ended up just completely taking it off and going bare faced. To Ocean....

So to say the least, once at Ocean, cute was not how I was feeling, and maybe just a little shitty next to these super sexy girls. But after spending way too long in the loos, the wiser me told myself to get over it. I was there. I had no makeup, there was nothing I could do.

I was quite happy enjoying good company and not worrying about my makeup, which also allowed for the classic attempt of Dirty Dancing lift to happen in the pool. By classic I mean catastrophic and pathetic. Oh other than the eyeliner, because EINSTEIN over here didn't think of bringing waterproof one... Basically one big disaster. Don't do it. The the Balearic Island air is... hot and stuffy. Remember that. Though I travelled in August, peak time, September will still bring in a good average of 25 degrees. Now if you're a Brit, you may find yourself suffering with little wind to compensate.

As for me? Oh I was just chilling with sweat dripping down my back all the while plastering a smile on my face trying to convince myself I'm not at all struggling. Happy is an understatement of the year to describe how I was feeling once we got a table at Mambo for our breakfast that morning with the first bit of breeze and fresh air from the sea.

Speaking of Mambo, highly recommend for fellow wannabe bloggers and the lovers of the white wash grids on the gram, will love this as they have really hit the spot with perfect marble tables (second picture from the top).

We also revisited mambo that same eve for the lush sunset and a spot of sampling Spanish cuisine, in the name of Burger and Chips.... Classic.

48 hours in Ibiza

What to wear in Ibiza
Day 3
We flew home... The contrast between travelling to Ibiza vs traveling home is a picture to be seen... A group of lads who were more than probably giving it some good beans the night before, scattered around the tables of Burger King, quite literally dead. Well and truly defeated by Ibiza, I would expect nothing less, I bet 5 hours ago they were giving Ibiza a run for its money on the dance floor.

At this point I should admit defeat myself, I rolled out of bed, into my clothes and I did not want to speak or exist. I slept where I could, sunglasses over my face, hair an absolute mess and eyebrows... let's not even go there. 


  1. This is such a detailed post. I've been to Ibiza but I never went to any clubs. I should really have tried some out.

    1. Thank you so much! I feel like clubbing may not be for everyone, that was just the reason behind my vacation. If you do like a party once in a while, definitely worth giving it a go, or perhaps one of the day time party venues could potentially hit the spot!

      Thanks for reading lovely! xxx

  2. I really like this post! I've been wanting to go to Ibiza but something has always deterred me from going (I'm not big on parties but I do love to dance). Not sure why because it sounds like you had a really good time!


    1. Thank you so much! I feel like although Ibiza is known for partying and that's why I went, there are so many day time things to do as well and especially if you love a good boddie, but not going out, there are SO many day time beach clubs that are not full on parties, but you can still get your dancing shoes on!

      Thank you so much for reading

  3. Just got back from Ibiza myself, we had 3 days! Agree with glam levels and tbh lots of 'wth's' as well.
    LBD looks gorgeous xx

    1. Also some really insta cute outfits look really bad in real life, like they're good for photo ops but nothing beyond that... So definitely lots of 'wths' hahahaha! I say keep it simple to start with! Thank you soooo much! Misguided did good!


  4. You have such a stunning figure and your outfits for this holiday look super cute and trendy! You look like you've had a great time lovely and that's all that matters! I'm seriously loving your new blog right now! x

    Sami /

    1. Thank you so much Sami! I always light up when I see you read my blogpost hehe! And thank you so much as well for supporting my new bean, it means so much to get reassurance I did the right thing!

      Thank youuuuu!!


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